"Nothing sparks the heat of summer like a hearty dose of soaring, authentic, and astral psychedelic rock – and Strawberry Launch have given us permission to fly off into space, with their songs as the backdrop to our own sun-soaked escape. " - Atwood Magazine

"With “She” the band craft a powerfully catchy ode to femininity, backed by sweet group harmonies and warm danceable energy. The band matches the playful instrumental approach and colorful melody with an equally wholesome lyrical bent, tributing the women that have shaped their lives. The portraits the band traces are welcoming and human, women with “two left feet” and who are “always staying up too late”一 the everyday women who’ve shared their lives with the band. " - Under the Radar Magazine 

"...indie-psychedelic band Strawberry Launch gets quite ethereal on their recently released six-track eponymous EP. The record features hypnotic songs such as “Crystal Eyes” and “Sophie” while the band also lightens up the mood with saccharine offerings such as “She” and “Fork.” There’s plenty for everyone to appreciate from this young band." - Rolling Stone India