Strawberry Launch is a pop rock band, est. in November of 2018 after lead singer, Riiza, cold-called guitarist, Matrianna Gahol, hoping she would want to start a band with a complete stranger. Together, they added Abby Flicker on bass, Taylor Hurt on keyboard, and Benjy Berkowitz on drums. Their debut EP (released in August 2021) quickly gained praise from Under the Radar, Rolling Stone India, and Atwood Magazine, saying of the bands EP, “Strawberry Launch cast a wide net, embracing astral synths and guitar tones, big pop harmonies and melodies, and cathartic chorus crescendos that amount to massive simultaneous releases of emotion and music.” The group has built a devoted global audience, having toured 12 cities and sharing the stage with heavy hitters, such as Beach Bunny, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Small Crush, and The Toxhards. They have recently performed at SXSW 2024. The group will be presenting their sophomore EP under Trash Casual Records in early 2024.